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The Becoming Begins Now...

Becoming The Source is the Divine Feminine Awakening container for women who are ready to connect with their intuition, embody their deepest truth and live the joyful and abundant lives they are meant for.

If You Feel Disconnected

You know/sense that you are a deeply intuitive woman, but you can't seem to connect with or understand what is coming through for you.

If You Want To Live Big

The rules you have been playing by no longer apply, and the time has come for you to step into a more expansive and authentic way of living.

If You Yearn For Passion

You want to infuse excitement and enthusiasm back into your intimate partnerships, career pursuits, familial relationships, friendships and self-care practices.

If You Are Ready For More

You know that pleasure, joy, love, abundance, and infinite possibilities exist, and you are finally ready to claim them for yourself.

Through embodiment practices, guided meditations, depth psychology, and Love, Becoming The Source offers guidance, tools, and permission to connect with yourself on a soul-level, unlock your intuition, welcome pleasure, and release the binds that have prevented you from living in alignment with your truth. 

Like so many women, throughout most of my life I believed that there was something wrong with me.

I was too much. Too intense. Or that I was not beautiful enough, smart enough, good enough. Too much, but not enough... 

No matter how hard I tried, nothing I did seemed to work out for me - my relationships, jobs, money, dreams all seemed to pale or fail. 

But despite all of my disappointment - I still had a deep knowing - a spark of awareness, that there HAD to be more to my life than this…

I kept going until I found myself catapulted into a life that aligned with my dreams and my soul’s purpose. And in order to do that, I realized that all I had to do to get there was figure out how to connect with - and listen to - my intuition.

Sounds simple, but it actually took a lot of practice, curiosity and patience to figure out how to do that as a lifestyle, not as a transactional experience.

The lessons I learned (and continue to learn) and the wisdom and practices I eventually integrated as an extension of who I am is what I offer you in Becoming The Source.

Here’s the thing:

Changing your life - overriding your patterns and belief systems, releasing the intergenerational, cultural, racial, and lived trauma that resides in your body and blocks your connection to self - is a practice of devotion.

A devotion to dropping in, listening to the messages you receive, surrendering into trust and embracing your birthright to receive the abundant beauty, pleasure, and love that surrounds you.


BECOMING THE SOURCE uses teachings, embodiment practices, guided meditations and to journaling to bring you forward into your bliss.


New Lecture Each Month

Every month, we start by engaging our conscious mind through study. A new lecture will be uploaded onto your portal, offering a new, expanded and elevated perspective on living like anchored by pleasure and devotion. Each new teaching guides you into a new concept, carefully chosen to deepen your Becoming The Source journey.

**Projected Curriculum:

  • Softening Open 
  • Pleasure As Medicine
  • The Heroine's Journey
  • Awakening Shakti
  • Understanding Polarity
  • Honoring Shiva
  • Allowing Your Fullness
  • Balancing Polarity
  • Decoding Resistance
  • Sacred Rage
  • The Witch Wound
  • Bringing Light To Shadow
  • The Sacred Yes & The Holy No

**curriculum subject to change based on the direction of the group


Embodiment Practices

In Becoming The Source, we tap into our intuition by leaving our mind (space of analysis & judgment) and connecting with our hearts (space of creativity & flow) though using different self-intimacy practices that help you get out of your head and into your heart, and from there, to offer the contents of your heart as the medicine you give to the world. Each month you will receive a new practice that will offer you experiential depth on the topic discussed each month.


  • Breathwork
  • Ecstatic Dance
  • Deep Visioning
  • Trance Work
  • Self-Massage


Guided Meditations

Each month you will receive a guided meditation created to put you into a trance-like-state and connect you with the deepest, most sacred parts of yourself so that you can live with your highest self as your anchor.

These meditations take you on a journey into the deepest realms of your subconscious mind, and help you reprogram your unconscious thinking, allowing you to release self-sabotage reflexes and trigger happy reactions.

The Becoming The Source guided meditations use gentle breathwork, hypnosis, journeying, sound healing, reiki and channeled wisdom to create a truly transcendent experience.



Journaling exercises are assigned as homework to help you integrate your embodiment experience, redirect your conscious mind and repattern your subconscious mind. Journaling pulls it all together and takes you from knowing yourself (in the esoteric sense) to being yourself (in the earthly sense).

Sample Questions:

  • What does your unencumbered heart yearn for?
  • How deeply and easily do you feel pleasure in your body and soul, and how do you radiate that pleasure out into the world?
  • What service to the world is waiting to be lived through you?
  • How can you honor the path that brought you to the present moment while still clearing space for a liberated future?

...and then we bring our expanded selves and our practices into the space of community.

Once a month, we will meet and allow ourselves to be seen within our sacred community. In our monthly gatherings, your questions will be answered, your experiences will be affirmed, you will feel Love, and we will practice together.

Hi, I'm Christina


I teach women how to heal through pleasure, to connect with their intuition and to trust and prioritize their inner wisdom.

I amplify and accelerate the healing process and lifestyle shift that is required for you to live into alignment with your truth.

More on what I bring to the table:

  • 10+ years Trauma Informed Life Coach/Spiritual Intimacy Mentor
  • Creator of Medicinal Wisdom Baths
  • Ayurvedic Health Counselor
  • Reiki Master & Teacher
  • Kundalini, Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga Teacher
  • Meditation & Breathwork Facilitator
  • Certified Council Facilitator 
  • PhD Candidate, Depth Psychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute

What Is Embodiment?

Embodiment is the welcoming of all of you - the fullness of your essence - into your human experience. So many of us feel not fully self-expressed - like there is so much more to us than what we are able to communicate with the world - and we find a lot of frustration and isolation and conflict from not FULLY living our truth. 

The catch is, we have to dance with our shadow in the light of our radiance and to laugh and love our humanness before anyone else will even know how.

So we develop an embodiment practice to cultivate a relationship with the parts of us that we have lost or denied. When we create space within ourselves for all aspects of our self - light and dark - we embark on a journey of self-actualization that has the beautiful side effect of connecting us with our Source.

This means opening our hearts and bodies to love, pleasure and abundance.

Together, We Will Discover Who You Are When You Are

Deeply Connected With Your Source:

You are tapped in to your Inner Wisdom and gracefully living in alignment with your truth

You are liberated from limiting thought forms & belief systems and drenched in abundance

You are in full allowance of and devotion to the pleasure that you are now able to receive

You are offering your open heart, open mind, and your soft but strong body in full confidence of your worthiness

Get Out Of Your Head And Into Your Heart

I’m often asked: why is intuition so elusive, and why is it so hard to follow?

Well, it's because we’ve been taught to not believe ourselves. To doubt ourselves. To go so far as to gaslight ourselves.

We habitually look for answers outside of ourselves instead of trusting what we KNOW (even if it's inconvenient or uncomfortable). We run an underlying belief system that tells us that someone or something else has information, insight or authority that surpasses our own.

We have become the seekers, forgetting that we are - in fact - The Source.

What happens when we finally discover how to FEEL OURSELVES and HEAR OURSELVES is a lot like magic. And that's because we've finally discovered that we are as magical as we deep-down-always-believed we were. And all the stories and lies that kept us from out-loud-BELIEVING that irrefutable truth start to lose their power.

Becoming The Source is the safe, lovingly held container for you to:


Here's What You Get When You Enroll In

Becoming The Source

Together, we will illuminate the path of beauty, pleasure, love and abundance...


Each month you will gain access to a new suite of content curated to bring you on a deep and expansive journey to Source


On the second Wednesday of each month, we will gather in community to go deep into the month's content


Whether it's through breathwork, ecstatic dance, or deep visioning, your embodiment practice will get you out of your head and into your heart.


Each guided meditation is designed to take the downloads and imprints from your embodiment practice to the next level.


Specific journaling prompts evolve out of the practice and the meditation and bring forward all you've received.


What amplifies this work even more is connecting to a supportive group of like-minded women on the same path.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Container Right For Me?

Becoming The Source is designed to contain the entirety of the human experience, so in a word - yes.

Any woman who finds herself yearning for a life of depth and adventure, truth and intimacy, pleasure, love and joy will benefit greatly. Past Becoming The Sourcer-esses have joined us in the midst of a dark night of the soul, confronting body and/or health issues, deepening your intimate partnership, reframing the way you view the world, preparing for motherhood, in relationship or career transition...we enthusiastically welcome anyone who is committed to going deep and devoting herself to her own Divine Feminine Awakening.

Is Becoming The Source For Me Even If I Have No Experience? Or If I Am An Advanced Practitioner?

Absolutely! Becoming The Source is the perfect place to begin an embodiment practice, or to deepen an already established practice. There is always support available to guide you as you start your embodiment journey, and there will always be a powerful, loving witness to hold you as you explore the depths of the ocean that is you.

When Does Becoming The Source Start?

Becoming The Source is an open program that begins as soon as you sign up. Once inside, you'll have access to all earlier content & workshops. New content is released on the 1st of each month, and on the second Wednesday of every month we meet as a group for a discussion & practice session.

What If I Miss A Live Session?

All live sessions are recorded and uploaded into your Becoming The Source portal, so you can listen whenever, wherever. Some Becoming The Sourcer-esses have never attended a live session—they just listen to the recordings—and their entire life has still been supported and transformed because of this container.

Can I Share My Access With A Friend?

No, your program access is for you only. But if you have a friend who you think would benefit from the program, share this page with them so they can enroll. You can SHIFT together!

What Happens When I Join?

Once you hit the ‘Enroll Now!’ button and choose your payment option, you’ll receive an email confirming you're in and giving you access to your portal. Then you'll create your Teachable account for the Becoming The Source portal. (If you already have existing Teachable accounts for other courses or programs, this will be a Medicinal Wisdom-specific school). There you will find all of the 2022 Becoming The Source content to start to familiarize yourself with. Dive in, and make sure to watch the current month's content before our live session!

What Is The Time Commitment For Becoming The Source?

Each month you receive new content including a lecture, an embodiment practice, a meditation and journaling prompts. The practice and meditation are usually about 15-minutes long each. The expectation is that you have a daily journey with the embodiment practice for the entire month, and you have a familiarity of the rest of the content before the live session.

What Are the Live Sessions Like?

Our live sessions will be hosted on Zoom. All you will need is privacy, a journal and a good WiFi connection. In addition to discussing the lecture with more depth, I’ll be leading the group through a complementary practice, so make sure you’re somewhere where you can participate comfortably. Don’t worry if you’re camera shy - you can easily participate without your camera on.

All your container materials will live on Teachable.

What If I Need More Support?

In your portal, you will find a submission form for you to write any of your questions, or the areas you are looking for deeper support on. I will answer these questions during our Live gathering, and you will feel very held and very seen throughout the program.

Beyond that, I have very limited availability to take on additional mentorship clients. Mentorships are a 6 or 12-month, weekly devotion to yourself. You will receive exquisite support and guidance, a personalized client portal, email access to me, and complementary access to all digital programs I offer (excluding trainings & retreats).

The remainder of your payment commitment for Becoming The Source would be absorbed into the cost of your entire mentorship.

Do You Offer Refunds?

No. Due to the nature of this container, and the access and support you'll get from me, there are no refunds or exchanges.

If you are in a subscription, you must give 2 months notice before your cancelation will be processed.

How Long Will I Have Access To The Portal?

Each Becoming The Source container is active for 12 months. You will have access to the Becoming The Source portal until December 31, 2022.

If you are in a subscription, you will lose access as soon as your final month is complete.

The Life Of Your Dreams Awaits You... just requires your participation.