The Medicinal Wisdom Guide to



My Story, Process & Protocols

My complete, step-by-step guide to how I accomplished 20 years of healing in 2 months.


When my doctor said those words to me, I knew that I did for myself what I have done for hundreds of clients - I tapped into what I call my "Medicinal Wisdom" and was guided to a safe, effective and powerful healing protocol.

When i was first diagnosed with Chronic Lyme, I wondered if I was having this experience as a way of returning me to my work in intuitive healing. I now believe this to be true.

My processes & my protocols have helped so many people reclaim their lives, so I was inspired to make an accessible and affordable guide for those on a similar journey of healing Lyme & chronic illness.

My greatest prayer is that we all experience physical relief and learn to embody the deeper meaning available through these crises of health.


Hi, I'm Christina!

My inner-work and self-development journey spans three decades, and I have shared my work as a healer with others for over fifteen years. I have studied with the most incredible shamans, teachers, gurus and devotees all over the world, but I have learned that:

True wisdom comes from a curious and open-hearted exploration of the inner journey we are all on. 

More than anything – I approach my work with integrity, reverence, and a sense of humor. I am deeply intuitive, conscious of and sensitive to the unique and nuanced layers of experience that bring each of us to a place of seeking.

My philosophy is that connection, love, pleasure and joy are the foundation of creating an ecstatic human experience, and the more we place our energy and attention on what we already have, the more it will grow.

I love working with people as they elevate out of an unfulfilling or limiting life and into a world of brilliance, expansiveness and love. 

I teach people how to heal themselves: to connect with their intuition and to trust and prioritize these inner relationships.

I hold space for the process of shedding the layers of resistance and narrative that keeps them from accessing the best experience of life possible. I teach people how to tune in and become the source of fulfillment of their wildest dreams and deepest needs.

I amplify and accelerate the healing process and guide you through the lifestyle shift that is required once you click into alignment with your soul.

More on what I bring to the table:

  • 10+ years Intuitive Healer/Spiritual Intimacy Mentor
  • Reiki Master & Teacher
  • Kundalini, Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga Teacher
  • Ayurvedic Health Counselor
  • Meditation & Breathwork Facilitator
  • Certified Council Facilitator 
  • Creator of Becoming The Source Divine Feminine Awakening Program, Hands of Love Reiki School & Medicinal Wisdom Baths

In this book you will find:

My story: In the early days of my dis-ease, I found so much comfort in hearing my story in the stories of others. That said, I am very intentional in telling my story so as not to sensationalize it or make it the central focus. My experience with Lyme is not what qualifies me to write this - it is simply the inspiration.

My process: the subtle energetics and the not-so-subtle philosophy behind why we get and stay sick, and what to do about it.

My protocols: I offer myriad ways of supporting the body. How I eat, how I structure my days and weeks, and the treatments I do alone at home and outsourced with others. This should not take the place of medical treatment, but rather support it as an intelligent & informed adjunct.

My resources: the people and products that have helped support me along the way. My Capricorn heart loves compiling lists, and these are exceptional (if I do say so myself).