Are you yearning to feel connected to the most sacred & divine parts of yourself?

The Source Salon presents: THE SEEDS OF SENSUALITY


Deeply connecting with yourself can feel like a lot of things:


There are days when it feels like you're in a thrashing ocean, and there are days when all you can see for miles is sand.


You discover that you are at once all things holy and all things corrupted...and it's all wonderful.


The Heroine's Journey exists in the orbit of the birth, life, death, rebirth cycle. Space must be made for the full spectrum of experiencing.

It's a trip, right?


You realize that you need to integrate self-honoring practices that are both intuitive and guided by ancient wisdom.

But mostly, it feels like a homecoming...

And as we come home to ourselves, we also delight in welcoming more pleasure into our daily lives.

Carving out time each day to massage our bodies with warm, healing oil, or to create a delicious and beautifying Ayruvedic meal plan, or to learn the secrets of a gua sha facial, or to submerge ourselves in a perfectly curated bath experience before melting into bed...

The options are endless, and exploring them can be the greatest delight of them all.

The Source Salon is a playground for Divine Exploration.

Each month we will explore new and different ways of connecting with the body as the vessel of our divine and perfect soul and honoring it as such.

By offering attention and adoration to the physical form, the brilliance of our inner goodness and goddess-ness radiates out in the most powerful, undistilled way.

The Source Salon is your once a month retreat from the demands of the world around you to honor the yearnings within you.


When was the last time you fully loved yourself?

In this Source Salon, we take a deeper look at


At a certain point in life, we will all find ourselves feeling distant - or even separate - from our sensuality & sexuality.

This happens for lots of reasons: trauma, indoctrination (aka purity culture and binary thinking via religion/spirituality), shame, fear, not fully exploring or embodying our kinks, a (formerly) unhealthy relationship with sex,...the list goes on. Some are obvious, some are more subtle. But the end result is always the same...


(yep - I said it)

At first, it doesn't always seem or feel like a big deal. We can even tell ourselves that it is liberating to deny our connection with ourselves in that way.

But disconnecting from our source of creative power is one of the single most damaging experiences for our psyche and bodies to heal from.

The goal is to have a healthy dialogue and expression with your body, your sensuality and your sexuality. Because when you do, you awaken yourself to pleasure in ways you never imagined possible.

Growing up and discovering/exploring my own sexuality while in a strict religious home, I have experienced the pains of having a toxic relationship with my sexuality, and the full body/full life joys of discovery and eventual shameless, healthy embodiment.

And because of that, I have spent a great deal of time, energy and resources studying and putting into practice the many different ways of welcoming yourself home.

It is one of the single most exhilarating, life affirming and inspiring experiences you can embrace.

We are - at our most elemental - infinite souls filled with pure love.

But we are born into finite bodies that are often limited by outdated belief systems.

And so we reach for the infinite, thinking that the finite is a contraction, or that it is dangerous, sinful or shameful.


The Great Human Experience is one of fully experiencing both and artfully allowing the two to co-mingle.

The glorious intersection of the sacred and the profane.

This month's Source Salon offers you some of the most profound tools I have employed and created throughout my journey.

This my way of sharing with you some of the ways I use pleasure and devotion to amplify my experience of my soul, my body and the universe.


When you sign up, you'll get:

  • Instant access to the pre-recorded workshop, broken up into different sections
  • A Lecture, Embodiment Practice, Guided Meditation & Journaling Prompts
  • Access to the workshop through Wednesday, June 1, 2022.

Supplies You'll Want:

  • Just your sweet self this month.

What Do I Need:

You will need a quiet, private place, an open and willing heart (or a heart willing to open), a pen and a notebook.

You will also need a reliable WiFi connection.

Note: If you have a daughter or young girl in your life, this would be a beautiful practice to share with her.

The Nitty Gritty:

This workshop is pre-recorded and available until June 1, 2022.

All technical problems will be handled through

There are no refunds or exchanges.


Hi. I'm Christina.

I teach women how to heal through pleasure, to connect with their intuition and to trust and prioritize their inner wisdom.

I amplify and accelerate the healing process and lifestyle shift that is required once you click into alignment with your soul.

More on what I bring to the table:

  • 10+ years Trauma Informed Life Coach/Spiritual Intimacy Mentor
  • Reiki Master & Teacher
  • Kundalini, Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga Teacher
  • Ayurvedic Health Counselor
  • Meditation & Breathwork Facilitator
  • Certified Council Facilitator 
  • Creator of Becoming The Source Divine Feminine Awakening Program, Hands of Love Reiki School & Medicinal Wisdom Baths
  • PhD Candidate, Depth Psychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute

Join me in the Temple of Wisdom...